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Kips Care strives itself on assisting all clients to have choice and control in how they want to fulfill their dreams and life goals. Our Vision, Mission and Values affirm a commitment to supporting a life of participation, opportunity and choice for people with a disability through the provision of responsive, evidence-informed practice and advocacy Kips Care is committed to the provision of holistic, individualised services and supports for each client in a person-centred framework. Kips Care understands and supports the principles of fairness and human rights in all aspects of service delivery.


We promote open and transparent dealings with clients, respecting the client’s right to choice and control of supports provided, fair and equitable access to excellent services which are person-centred and consumer-driven. Kips Care aims for a life of participation, opportunity, and choice. We have accredited quality assurance systems to manage, document and report client related conflicts of interest and have policies and procedures in place to ensure clients and their concerns are managed fairly and without prejudice.

Patient and Nurse
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